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Monday, October 18, 2021
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Volume 36 - Issue #9
11:00 a.m. Worship Service
"Ananias placed his hands on him and said, ‘Saul, the Lord Jesus has sent me. He is the same one who appeared to you along the road. He wants you to be able to see and to be filled with the Holy Spirit.’ Suddenly something like fish scales fell from Saul’s eyes, and he could see.”  Acts 9:17-18 Contemporary English Version
Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord
Have you ever had the experience of looking right at something in obvious view without seeing it? This happens all the time at our house. One of the boys will stand in front of the refrigerator or the pantry and shout out, “Mom…, I can’t find the syrup … or the peanut butter…” or whatever it is that’s gone missing this time! 
I’ll holler back some specific instructions, “Check the bottom shelf on the right.” Usually this will elicit the response, “Oh…, there it is.” Of course, it was there all the time, but for some reason he couldn’t see it.
This has happened to me, also. I’ll confess I’m not the most observant person in the world. Sometimes my lack of attention may be because I’m moving too fast. More than once I’ve been rushing through a store focused on finding a particular item quickly and have not even noticed an acquaintance directly in my path until they spoke and jolted me out of my tunnel vision. 
Behind the wheel, I’m frequently lost in my thoughts and on auto-pilot. For example, the junction of Hoder Road along Highway 12 just recently entered my field of vision. Until the casino opened one year ago, I never even knew that intersection existed! Though I had passed by it twice a day for the previous eight years, I was blissfully unaware. I never traveled on Hoder Road, I never went looking for it, and so I never saw it. Now that there is always traffic there, it is pretty hard to miss. I wonder why I didn’t see it before? Suddenly, the scales dropped away and my eyes were opened.
I had a similar experience last month at church that got me to thinking about how we all may be able to improve our vision. One Sunday after the worship service, a group of willing volunteers gathered out on the front steps along Elm Street for a publicity photo. There were twenty-three people assembled there – all active church members, all nice-looking folks with smiles on their faces. They were lined up patiently waiting for the last person to arrive – (that would be me) – so that the picture could be snapped.
As I walked out the door and stepped into the place reserved for me, it was as if scales suddenly fell from my eyes. In a flash, I recognized that I was the youngest person there.  It came as a clear insight to me that this was not the photo we wanted to take because a very important part of our church family was missing. So, I begged, “Oh, we need to get some of our young families and children out here for the picture.” 
There could have been a mutiny at that point! These kind souls had already been waiting several long minutes for me to wrap up my conversations in the sanctuary and put on my robe. Understandably, they were getting tired of standing still and close together. They had places to go and things to do. 
Miraculously, they humored me. A search ensued for those who were not yet represented. Though it took several extra minutes, eventually eleven more models were recruited and brought outside the building. Finally, the photo was taken and everyone dispersed.
I can’t wait for you to see the picture. It’s beautiful! Thanks to Rhonda Petro for her time and skill in preparing it. This will be used soon on the website, in the pictorial directory, in a brochure, and on a poster. The picture we ended up with includes people from age 1 to age 90. What a marvelous tapestry of folks! If that first row of bright, fresh faces and nimble bodies had been left out, it still would have been a nice picture – though it would have created a very different impression.
Maybe this small example doesn’t seem like a big deal to anyone but me. Yet, I’m convinced images matter – perhaps even more than words. Ask anyone in the field of marketing and they will confirm this.
It’s just a little vignette. Still, perhaps there is something significant we can learn as a congregation from this. In the future, I hope will ask ourselves some penetrating questions, such as these: Who do we see in our midst? Who do we overlook? Who is actually there? Who is missing and why? Might it be because they have a hard time imagining themselves in the picture? 
Traveling along the Damascus road, Saul – persecutor of Christians – met the Lord and was struck blind. He couldn’t see a thing. That must have been a very frightening experience. 
However, the one in this story who really had to face something scary was a disciple named Ananias. At the Lord’s direction, he went to Saul. It must have taken all his courage to walk toward instead of away from this powerful, dangerous man who had been “breathing threats and murder” against the followers of Christ. 
Yet, God wanted both Ananias and Saul to see something they had never seen before – that they were brothers. And so, when this faithful disciple risked placing his hands upon the blind man’s eyes, a miracle took place. Saul was filled with the Holy Spirit. Scales fell from his eyes and he could see. Praise the Lord!
There is a popular Christian song that goes like this: “Open the eyes of my heart, Lord. I want to see you.” What an image – eyes on one’s heart? Yes, indeed. For those whose hearts are in tune with God, there’s seeing and then there’s SEEING. The first is a function of the eyes; the second is a function of the heart. These are not mutually exclusive; they simply occur on different levels.
Physically, most of us do not struggle with impaired vision. Yet, spiritually, we often fail to see 20/20. There may be a sort of film over the “eyes” of our heart, causing us to miss what’s important in this life and leading us to ignore some of the gifts God wants to give us. During this “Open House Month” in our United Methodist Church, may God open wide both sets of our eyes. With renewed vision, let us look for and truly see all the brothers and sisters who are around us.
Pastor Sherri
Nothing But Nets
Our Sunday School mission project for this year will be “Nothing But Nets”. This is a global, grassroots campaign to save lives by preventing malaria – a leading killer of children in Africa. At this time, there is no consistently effective malaria vaccine, but for only a $10.00 donation an anti-malaria bed net can be purchased to protect a child in Africa. Check out the website at for further information. 
Our Sunday School children will share a skit in worship on September 7 to tell us more about this program. That morning also, they will distribute coin collection cans to everyone in the congregation. Your help is greatly appreciated in collecting for this worthwhile mission!
 Prayer Concerns
Bonnie Pickens  ~ recovering from a hospital stay in ICU following emergency surgery to open stents in her leg, doing better now.
Dorothy Shook  ~ having problems with her sciatic nerve.
Allen Harrington  ~ has learned he’ll need six more chemotherapy treatments.
Jane Temple  ~ glad to be home, doing much better, continuing outpatient therapy.
Bill Ross  ~ anticipating surgery this month to remove a cancerous tumor on his optic nerve.
Pete Harfert ~ (Josh Ackerman’s grandfather) ~ diagnosed with colon cancer, recovering from surgery and anticipating some more.
Wilma Mabry ~ (Zimmah Fox’s sister) ~ moved to Royalton Manor.
Carol Harrington ~ (Al Harrington’s cousin) ~ recovering from lung surgery.
Bob Rezincek ~ (Ed Hayes’ friend) ~ recovering from surgery to remove a brain tumor.
Irving Eldred ~ (Nancy Comfort’s step-dad) ~ undergoing tests.
Roy Stambaugh  ~ (Nancy Comfort’s uncle) ~ halfway through his chemotherapy.
Bill McDonald ~ (Swansons’ brother-in-law) ~ recovering from a heart attack.
Dana Lee  ~ kicked by a horse and recovering from broken ribs.
Baby Aubree  ~ (Hope Murray’s friend) ~ still hospitalized in Ann Arbor and retaining fluid around her heart.
Worship Committee News
Choir practice started on Thursday, August 28, at 6:30 p.m. Everyone is welcome.
Thank you to all who took part in sharing their special musical talents this summer. It’s nice to have so many with varied talent abilities in our congregation.
Time change for worship will be on September 7, at 11:00 a.m. We hope all will join us.
Sharon Flick,
Worship Chairperson
Off to College
Our church has many college students. Most of them have already begun their fall studies. We pray they will all have a great year ahead. If there are any corrections to the following list, please inform the church office.
College Students Fall 2008 
Kerri Becktell      Grand Valley State University
Mike Becktell       Ferris State University
Colby Caid          Western Michigan University
Cody Harrington     Southwestern Michigan College
Angie Hauch         Kendall College
Brad Hauch          University of South Florida Graduate School
Jill Hauch          Calvin College
Joe Hinman          Grand Valley State University
Amanda Ireland      Kalamazoo Valley Community College
Kelsey Jakeway      Grand Valley State University
Eryka Kettring      Western Michigan University
Tom Martin          Lake Michigan College
Steve Petro         Central Michigan University
Nick Reitz          Lake Michigan College
Jan Watkins         Grand Valley State University
Quinn Watkins       Lake Michigan College
Keith Zabel         Albion College
Kevin Zabel         Albion College 
Port-A-Pit Chicken Dinner
Again this year, we are sponsoring a Port-A-Pit Chicken Dinner during the Apple Cider Century Bike Ride weekend. The dinner will be held on Saturday, September 27, from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. (or whenever we sell out).
Tickets are being mailed to all families in the congregation. We have found this to be the most successful method of distribution. If you cannot use the tickets for your family or sell them to others, please return them by September 26.    There will be extra tickets available in the church office.
The cost this year will be $9.00 for adults and $7 for children under 12. The menu will include ½ chicken (¼ for children), baked beans, potato salad, roll, dessert and beverage.
This is a significant fundraiser for our church and we appreciate everyone’s help. Please sign up in the narthex to work one of the shifts at the dinner, to help with prep work in the kitchen on Friday, and to bring bar cookies. If you have any questions, please call Rhonda Hinman at 756-7560.
The Kalamazoo District Superintendency Committee cordially invites you
to a service celebrating the
Appointment of
Reverend Neil Davis as Kalamazoo District Superintendent.
Millwood United Methodist Church
3919 Portage Street
Kalamazoo, Michigan, 49001
(269) 381-6720
Sunday, September 7, 2008
3:00 p.m.
A dessert reception will follow our celebration.
Childcare will be available for infants and toddlers.
An offering will be received in honor of Reverend Neil Davis f
or the purchase and shipping of Flood Buckets.
Please make your checks payable to:
The West Michigan Conference
Memo: Kalamazoo District Mission – Flood Buckets 
“Becoming Soul Mates”
WFRN Radio is bringing nationally renowned Christian authors and speakers Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott to our area for the “Becoming Soul Mates Seminar” on November 15. 
This is an all-day event that will be held at the Century Center in South Bend from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Doors open at 8:00 a.m. and the schedule includes an hour lunch break.
Individual tickets are $45 and will go on sale Monday, September 15. Ordering and details are available online at or by phone at (800) 522-9376.
Plan now to attend this entertaining, thought-provoking, and immeasurably practical event. 
Fall Sports
The fall sports season is underway at our area schools. We wish all the best to these student athletes. Look for their many accomplishments in our local papers.
Jeff Jakeway     Bridgman Soccer
Ben Bartelmay    New Buffalo Cross Country
Sam Bartelmay    New Buffalo MS Cross Country & BLTYSL Soccer
Tom Bartelmay    New Buffalo MS Cross Country & BLTYSL Soccer  
District Mission Day
The Kalamazoo District Mission Committee is sponsoring a District Mission Day on Saturday, September 27, 9:00 a.m. to noon at Berrien Springs UMC. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m.
Guest speakers are Paul Webster, Missionary to Congo/Zambia and Lisa Batten, from the Western Michigan Wesley Foundation.
Birthday Celebrations!
We wish Joe Heward a Happy 90th Birthday on September 3rd
We also wish Esther Thomas a Happy Birthday on September 7. 
Both families invite you to join them as they host a birthday party to celebrate after worship on Sunday, September 7, at 12 Noon. 
Join Us!
A new year of Sunday School is just around the corner. We will kick it all off with Rally Day on September 7. 
We will be continuing the one-room Sunday School for children pre-school age to 6th grade that we started last year. The class format will include a time of music, Bible lessons and crafts. Our lead teachers are Mary Behrle, Julie Becktell, Aimee Seifert and Rhonda Petro. We will still have weekly helpers. If you would like to volunteer to be a helper, please sign up in the narthex.
We thank Mary Behrle for heading up our Children’s Church program this summer. Also, a big thank you to our volunteers for the past eight months in both Sunday School and Children’s Church. They are: Julie Becktell, Mike Becktell, Nancy Caid, Joanie Davidson, Tracy Donner, John Foster, Sally Frye, Marcia Hess, Vivian Koebel,  Doris Krossovtich, Gayle Martin, Sue Peterson, Rhonda Petro, Sally Preece, Judy Ross, Sue Rubeck,  Julie Sittig, Ellen Sokolowski, Cheryl Thomas, and Marlyn Williams.
Thank You! It couldn’t be done without you!
                                                                          Welcome Back!
We are all excited by the recent news that Yuriko Cooper has received a visa waiver and has been given the go-ahead to return home! She is expected to arrive in Three Oaks on September 11, which is also her birthday.
To celebrate this joyous occasion we are planning a Welcome Back fellowship time following worship on Sunday, September 21. Please plan to stay and share in this happy time with the Cooper family. 
                                                                  Forming a Faithful Future
On Christian Education Sunday, September 7, our congregation is invited to participate in a special offering for the teaching ministry of the church. Half of the money collected will support our own Sunday School ministries and half will go to other Conference education ministries. Your gifts will be used to provide a strong foundation for the children of our church who are tomorrow’s leaders. Please give generously on Christian Education Sunday. 
The CROP Walk is coming soon and we are looking for walkers. We already have five people signed up from our church: Rick Cooper, Rhonda Hinman, Ogden & Doris Krossovitch, and Pastor Sherri Swanson. If you are not planning to walk, please sponsor one of these individuals.
The CROP Walk is a program of Church World Service which raises funds to stop hunger all around the world. Of the money we raise, one fourth will stay here in our community to support the Harbor Country Emergency Food Pantry. This year, there is a special matching challenge grant of $1,500, if we are able to raise $1,500 more than last year.
This year’s walk will be held on Sunday, October 5, beginning at Lakeside United Methodist Church. Soup will be served at 12:30, followed by registration at 1:00, and walking will begin at 1:30 (please note, these times are different that previously published in the Parish Post). 
If you would like to walk, please see Doris Krossovitch or Rick Cooper for more information. Come out and show your support to end hunger!
                                                                  Top 40 Hymn Countdown
Hurry, hurry, get your ballots turned in for our Top 40 Hymn Countdown! We want everyone to vote. The countdown will begin on September 14. Don’t delay! 
                                                                         New Bible Study
A new adult Bible Study will begin on September 7. In conjunction with Pastor Sherri’s fall sermon series on “The Life of Moses”, we will focus this time on the book of Exodus.
There is no need to sign up in advance this time, just come on that day or whenever you are able. We will meet in the pastor’s office or in the parlor depending on the size of the group. 
                                         Photo Directory
Sign up is now underway for our new church pictorial directory. Please schedule an appointment soon for everyone in your family. The book won’t be complete with you!
Dates for photography are Monday, October 6, Tuesday, October 7, and Wednesday, October 8, each day from 2:30 to 9:00 at our church. If you are not available then, you may have your photo taken at either of two other area churches a few days before or a few days after these dates. See a committee member for complete details: Sharon Flick, Marcia Hess, Rhonda Hinman, Robin Ireland, Rhonda Petro, or Chris Zebell.
Currently we are trying to gather as many high quality activity photos as possible. If you have some from a recent church event, please turn these into the church office right away. They need to be glossy finish. We want some in both vertical and horizontal formats. All submissions must be received by the end of this month, the sooner the better. Thanks for your help in making this the best church directory ever!
Soul Sisters
Dorothy Brayboy provided devotions for our meeting on August 28. Nine ladies enjoyed conversation, refreshments, and a rousing game of Bunco. Come and join us – we have such fun!
We meet on the last Wednesday of the month at 2:00 p.m. We’ll meet next on September 24. If you have any questions, call Helen Heward at 465-6948.
                                        Sisters in Faith
The next meeting of Sisters in Faith will be Wednesday, September 17, at 7:00 p.m. Julie Becktell will bring devotions, Faye Sittig and Chris Zebell will bring refreshments. Our Bible Study will be “The Woman at the Well: Dying for a Drink”.
We will fill college care packages at this meeting. Please remember your cookies if you agreed to bake some.
The date for our annual Chili Luncheon was set for Sunday, October 19, right after church. More information will follow.  
Church Camp Update
Thanks to our six campers – Ben, Sam, and Tom Bartelmay; Katie and Kristen Kozel; and Kyle Seifert – for sharing about their experiences at church camp during our worship service on August 10. Throughout our West Michigan Conference 50 difference camping programs were offered this summer. Some 2,000 campers and 400 adult leaders attended and had their lives touched forever.
We have already started building our camp scholarship fund for next year. A little more than $270 was raised at the bake sale held at the Three Oaks Inside Out Festival last month. Thank you to all who contributed baked goods!
Help Needed 
The Berrien County Association of Churches needs your help. They provide many wonderful programs, including an annual directory of churches and services organizations, local church notification when parishioners are patients at Lakeland Hospital, and the Benton Harbor Street Ministry, which serves disadvantaged individuals with G.E.D. programs and other training.
The B.C.A.C. has an urgent need of funds. If you would like to contribute, use a pew envelope for your gift and mark it "B.C.A.C." Thank you for your generosity!
Many Thanks
We express grateful thanks to the following individuals who gave up a big part of their day on August 12 to help diagnose and solve the church’s water problem: Ken Seifert, Jr., John Foster, Jim Thompson, Ron Petro, Jerry Thomas and Bruce Hauch. 
Several of these men spent nearly 12 hours on the job, sacrificing valuable time that could have been spent with family or at work. A special “Thank You” to Ken for providing equipment and directing the project.
For those who have not heard, it was discovered that a drain tile had collapsed under Elm Street causing the water to back up into our building. This is the Village’s problem and will need to be solved by them. In the meantime, water was flushed through to clear the blockage and we are installing a sump pump.
Thanks to all the volunteers who vacuumed up water in the church basement on several occasions this summer: August 4, Doug and Rhonda Hinman, LaVern Noble, Jim Thompson, and Dick Zabel; July 19, Doug Hinman and Ron Petro; June 8, too many to name (sorry we didn’t keep a list, but there were lots of helpers for this worst of all floods).
Hopefully, we will not need to bring out the shop vacs again!
Thanks also to Janice Rowlison who went above and beyond the call to duty as our custodian in helping to clean up these messes.
More thanks to:
Bill Ross and Dick Zabel for hanging a new coat rack in the church basement.
... Jim Thompson for mowing the church lawn all summer.
Chuck Williams for preaching in Pastor Sherri’s absence on August 31. 
Ice Cream Social
The Evangelism Committee is planning to host an Ice Cream Social for the public to celebrate Open House Month in the United Methodist Church. This will be held on Saturday, September 20, from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. in front of our church building on Elm Street.
Various toppings will be available to help you fix your ice cream just the way you like it. A donation basket will be set out to help cover costs.
We hope many persons from our congregation will come out for this event to visit with friends old and new. Please let Alex Renbarger know if you are available to help set up tables, take down tables, service the ice cream or clean up. 
An Invitation
Our congregation is invited to Lakeside UMC on Sunday, September 28, to view the DVD of the Ken Medema concert from Annual Conference in June. The DVD has a running time of almost two hours so the show will start at 9:30 a.m. (their regular church time) and will be paused at about 10:30 for a coffee break. The DVD will resume at about 10:45 and finish at about noon. Everyone is also invited to their annual Harvest Dinner immediately afterwards. 
Ken Medema is an extraordinary Christian keyboardist and composer. He is most famous for taking a few words or a story from someone in the audience and composing an original song about them on the spot. He does that several times in the concert. When you hear him make up and sing a song like “Come to the Lake Called Michigan” you’ll be amazed (and maybe a little tearful). In addition, he has a repertoire of stories and songs for all occasions – some silly and some profound. He uses all kinds in the performance. You’ll be invited to stand, move, sing, clap, rub shoulders, even scratch each other’s backs, and other things you might never do in church. Ken has been blind since birth and just to see him operate the synthesizer by touch is worthwhile. In spite of his “gift” of blindness, he has traveled all over the world and participated in many religious events. 
                                                                              Well Done!
Congratulations to George Frye who is the coach of the Three Oaks American Legion Post 204 Baseball Team. The team captured the district championship trophy on July 26 at Riverview Park in St. Joseph. Way to go, Coach! 
We’re On the Web!
Make sure to check out our church’s new website:  While the site is officially still under construction, there is already a lot of information there. A big thank you goes to Dennis Comfort for all his hard work and expertise on the layout. We welcome everyone’s suggestions. 
                                                                                         Sincere Sympathy
We offer our sincere sympathy to Rose Lee and Lynn Reitz at the death of their mother, Mary Weigel, on August 11. May the Lord comfort you at this time.
We also offer our sympathy to Sally Frye at the death of her 10-year-old great-niece Emma Thomas on August 11 following a long battle with cancer. Please pray for Emma’s parents, little brother, grandparents, great-grandparents and all the extended family. 
                                           Church Conference Date Change
The date of our Church Conference with the new District Superintendent, Reverend Neil Davis, has been changed. The new date is Sunday, September 21. The Staff Parish Relations Committee will meet at 2:00 and our Church Conference will begin at 2:30. Please plan to attend this important event. Committee reports are needed in the office by September 9.
                                                                                  Return to Fall Schedule
Please note that we will “fall back” to our regular Sunday morning schedule on September 7. Bible Study will be at 9:30 a.m., our Worship Service will begin at 11:00 a.m., and Sunday School will begin at approximately 11:15.
 Historical Corner
Submitted by Eleanor Desmond 
Thank you to Jane Ward who helped find this article. 
Dr. Eastman is listed on the church cornerstone. This obituary states he was secretary of the Board of Trustees.
(From The Acorn, July 6, 1911)
The entire community has been stricken with grief the past few days over the seemingly untimely decease of Dr. Charles Walker Eastman, who passed away from an illness of Typhoid Fever in the South Bend Hospital at three twenty o’clock Tuesday morning. It seems that the Doctor had been rapidly coming down for some weeks before he consented to comply with the wishes of his wife to receive medical attention. He was naturally of a very uncomplaining patient and unselfish disposition, as when several of his patients were in a critical condition, he was loath to leave them.
Three weeks ago last Monday, he developed, what in all probabilities a severe fever that could not be avoided, and he entered the Epworth Hospital in South Bend where he has not only had the skilled medical attention of his brother, Dr. Fred P. Eastman, of that city, but of the nurses, besides his wife who has been an almost constant attendant for the last two weeks. Although it had been hopeful by his local friends for a week, the chances of recovery were doubtful, while there was a spark of hope lingered.
Charles Eastman was born in Seneca Falls, N.Y., November 23, thirty-three years ago. He was the youngest of a family of seven children, four boys and three girls. As his father died when he was only a boy of ten years, the oldest member of the family, Dr. Fred Eastman in particular, assumed the greater responsibility of the younger brother’s education, thus he has been particularly dear in the heart of the family. When attending the school at Seneca Falls, Charles clerked in a general store for some years. After graduating from the Academy at that place, he attended the Medical College at Detroit. Good standing of graduation entitled him to a year’s work in the Detroit Hospital. The Doctor has since remarked that he could not estimate the value that year’s training meant to him. In August of 1905, the Doctor came to Three Oaks and rented the Churchill office building vacated shortly before by Dr. G. R. Douglas. It was only a few weeks before the young doctor with his mild unassuming manner was winning his way into the hearts of the people. Since coming here he joined the orders of F. A. & M. and M. W. A., carrying an insurance in the latter order. He was up to the present time secretary of the Board of Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church.
Four years ago June Twelfth, Dr. Eastman was united in the holy bonds of wedlock to Miss Verna Jackson, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Jackson of Standish, Michigan. He met the young lady in this village. A sad feature of the unexpected departure of the husband, was that they planned to leave June 14 for a visit with her parents at Standish and from there go east. One child, George Eastman, who will be three years old the tenth of next October, was born to bless the union, and is now left to be a solace to the grief stricken young wife. 
The funeral services were held at the home of Dr. Fred Eastman in South Bend this forenoon at nine o’clock. The following local friends served as pall bearers: Messrs. T. D. Childs, C. P. McKee, J. E. Bommersheim, Roy Loop, J. W. Close and Dr. R. E. Butts of Buchanan.
Dr. Eastman’s local friends are legion as has been proven by the constant telephone calls, flowers sent and visitors to the hospital in South Bend, besides those who made inquiry and little kindnesses in other ways. In consideration of this, the family feels fearful lest his friends feel disappointed that his body was not brought home and a public service held instead of private. But the fact that the remains are to be placed in a vault in South Bend and probably a month later will be shipped to Elmira, N. Y., and considering the strain under which the family has been laboring, the plans carried out were deemed wisest.
Besides his wife and little son, Dr. Eastman is survived by his aged mother, two sisters, Misses Julia C. and Wilhelmina, of Elmira, N. Y., a married sister, Mrs. Mary E. Shute of Glassboro, N. J., and three brothers, James K. and Stephen L. of Seneca Falls, N.Y. and Dr. Fred of South Bend. 
September Anniversaries
Dennis & Nancy Comfort
Doug & Rhonda Hinman
Dan & Julie Becktell
Bob & Linda Flick
Kenneth & Becky Seifert
Cary & Nancy Harrington
Jim & Sharon Flick
Paul & Faye Sittig

September Birthdays
Steven Ireland
Daniel Petro
Allen Harrington
Joe Heward  (#90!)
Jack Seifert
Esther Thomas
Joshua Seifert
Caleb Norris
Steve Seifert
Charmaine Thompson
Marilyn Williams
Nicole Zabel
Jill Hauch
Sam Bartelmay
Tom Bartelmay
Joan Davidson
Jayne Payne
Joy Ackerman
Bev Harrington
Shirley Hoadley
Jonah VanTilburg
Trey Ackerman
Keith Zabel
Kevin Zabel
Ruth Ann Cline
Cary Harrington
Doug Hinman
Chuck Williams
Gary Brayboy
Bob Reitz
Bill Swanson
Kristy Vanzine
Madison Vollman
Joe Hinman
Eric Lee