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Monday, October 18, 2021
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Volume 37 - Issue #6   
10:00 a.m. Worship Service

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“Risk your life and get more than you ever dreamed of. Play it safe and end up holding the bag.” Luke 19:26 The Message
“Be courageous. Be strong. And do everything with love.” I Corinthians 16:13-14 New Living Translation
The Willingness to Risk
During my childhood and adolescence, my family used to take summer vacations with some good friends. In the other family there was a boy my age. We got along well, though our personalities were as different as night and day. I was an absolute scaredy-cat; Brian was bold and brave and willing to try just about anything. 
Over and over again, this scene was repeated. . . Brian and my sister, Kelli, (who was much more courageous than I) would try out all the roller coasters in the amusement park, all the slides in the water park, and all the haunted houses along the midway – while I would sit on a bench and wait for them.
One particular day stands out in my memory. We were at a swimming pool that had a high diving board. Brian and Kelli jumped off of it over and over again while I sat on the sidelines and watched. Every now and then they would come over and plead with me to join them. I repeatedly refused. 
I still don’t know how it happened, but eventually they must have worn me down. By the end of the day I found myself standing nervously in the line for the high board. When it was finally my turn to climb on, I was filled with panic. The water below looked miles away! I couldn’t go through with it.
Turning to get off the board, I saw Brian right behind me. Suddenly I realized it was not due to chivalry that he had insisted I go first. With a mischievous grin, he blocked the exit and said quietly, “There’s no backing out now, Swanson!” 
I could have killed him. He would not let me back down that ladder. There was only one way off the board and that was the forward direction. So I walked slowly to the end, took a deep breath, said a prayer, closed my eyes, held my nose, and jumped with my heart pounding wildly.  
Glory be – I survived and it wasn’t too bad at that. In fact, once I had taken that first leap of faith, it was much easier to jump in a second time. Though in the moment I was terribly angry with Brian, I realized later he may have done me a favor. Without his insistence, I never would have gone ahead and taken the plunge.
I have always been a cautious person. I’m not eager to take risks. I like to play it safe. I try not to rock the boat. I attempt to avoid conflict as much as possible.
So then, why would I ever consider offering a sermon series like the one I am preparing for this summer? It is called “Confronting the Controversies: Biblical Perspectives on Tough Issues.” In conjunction with a Bible study by the same title, I am planning to preach on some of the issues which tend to be divisive in our society. I alternate between being excited about this series and feeling like I must have a screw loose somewhere. Certainly, I feel like I am poised on that high diving board once again, not knowing exactly how hard I will hit the water on my way down. 
But, nothing ventured, nothing gained. A couple of months ago a pastor colleague shared this quote with me: “The internally-focused church will always opt for safety and boredom. But the externally-focused church will always opt for risk and adventure.” (Rick Rusaw)
If this were my first or even second year at TOUMC, I would be very hesitant to tackle this series. The chances of offending someone (maybe everyone!) would be far too great. But since I have been your pastor for ten years (can you believe it?), I feel like I can take a risk. 
Surely we know each other well enough by now that we won’t be tempted to define one another by any one statement or any single issue. Our dialogue takes place in the context of love, friendship, and trust. These qualities have been built over time, forged through worship services and fellowship events, hospital visits and membership classes, weddings, funerals, baptisms and the sacrament of Holy Communion. Hopefully, we value our relationships more than we feel the need to be “right.”
There’s a reason why these issues are called “controversial.” They are not simple or easy, and thinking people can hold different points of view. We cannot even assume that all Christians agree.
It is not my goal to get you to agree with me about any of these matters. My goal is to get us talking honestly and thoughtfully, with love and compassion, as together we attempt to discern God’s will. I pray we can disagree without being disagreeable. Perhaps by listening closely and showing respect toward others, we may be better able to understand and sympathize with those who hold opposing views. 
Though my own views will probably show up in my sermons, my aim is to include a range of viewpoints. This is where I need your help. A sermon is, by nature, a one-sided animal. When I stand in the pulpit and look out on you in the pews, I can only imagine what you are thinking as I speak. In order to keep a balance of perspectives, I hope many of you will sign up for the Bible study class. In that small-group setting, many voices can be heard. In fact, I will do my best to refrain from saying too much in those discussions, so that everyone has a chance to express their opinions.
Before we delve into the issues themselves, I’m going to offer two preparatory weeks of sermons addressing these topics: “How We Decide What We Believe” and “How We Discuss What We Believe.” I hope you will be present for these messages, because – to me – they are more important than the conclusions reached on any single hot button issue. 
How we treat one another is a matter of utmost importance. We must strive to build one another up, rather than tear one another down. And we must remember that the outside world is watching us, assessing the credibility of our Christian witness. I hope those who observe our fellowship at Three Oaks UMC will say – as in the days of Tertullian – “See how they love one another.”
So are you willing to take a risk with me? Let’s summon all our courage and all our love as we come together to discuss these several controversial issues. Let us view them through the lens of faith, seeking the truth and grace of God. Let us be devoted to prayer as we study and converse, so that each of our thoughts and each of our words may be pleasing in the Lord’s sight.
Pastor Sherri
We extend our sincere sympathy to Eddy Jansky at the death of his sister, Laura Cosich, on April 24. May the Lord comfort you at this time. 
Those who Serve as Missionaries, especially:
Jeff & Deliegha Swanson, Charissa, Lois, and Titus in Mexico.
Those who are in the Military, including:
Brad Bellaire, Rick Martin, Brandon McCombs,
Jerry Peters Jr., Nathan Phillips and Dustin Smith.

Those who are in Nursing Homes:
Barney Fay and Tecla Kaiser.
Those who are Homebound:
Dorothy Brayboy, Lloyd Gearhart, Nan Klinedinst, Rose Lee, Kathryn Renbarger, Marjorie Weller and Thais Williams.
Those with Health Problems:
Trey Ackerman, Eldon Audiss, Annie Berg, Robert Bucks, Shirley Busick, Hope DeJong, Lara Drasin, Tom Dunkel, Virginia Feather, Zimmah Fox, Donna Friedburg, Klaus Friedburg, Becky Gardner, Allen Harrington, Dawn Hayes, Ed Hayes, Bob Heward, Shirley Hoadley, Barb Kain, Marj Kroening, Lucy Lee, Wilma Mabry, Betty Martin, Iris Miller, Jim Miller, Stella Baca Miser, Gail Payne, Lynn Reitz, Elizabeth Rosenthal, Dorothy Shook, Roy Stambaugh, Louise Uebler, and Neva Marshall Walls.

Those who are seeking employment.
Those who are in the process of adopting a baby.
Thom & Lisa Schmit, Corrie & Peter in China.
Please note: Names will be deleted from the above list after one month unless an updated request is received.
Address for Cards and Visits:

Congratulations to. . .

Bill & Tracy Donner at the birth of a daughter, Helen Marie, on May 18. Helen weighed 7 pounds and 8 ounces. and was 20½” long. The happy big sisters at home are Laura and Nettie.   May the Lord bless your family at this special time.
Summer Bible Study
A new Bible study will begin in late June called “Confronting the Controversies: Biblical Perspectives on Tough Issues.” Written by Rev. Adam Hamilton – pastor of the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas – this study considers how our Christian faith relates to critical issues in contemporary society.
During the eight-week study, seven controversial issues will be explored: The Separation of Church & State, Creation & Evolution in Public Schools, The Death Penalty, Euthanasia, Prayer in Public Schools, Abortion, and Homosexuality. Most people have opinions on these issues already. But, do we know what the Bible says or does not say about them? Also, do we know what the position of The United Methodist Church is on these matters?
Individuals who participate in the study will be asked to read one chapter each week (approximately 20 pages) prior to the class session. At the group meeting, we will view a brief DVD of Rev. Hamilton introducing the topic, and then discuss the material together. Participants may also share other resource materials that have influenced their thinking on these subjects. 
Recognizing that people often feel strongly one way or another about these issues, we will attempt to listen to one another with sensitivity and respect. It is not expected that participants will agree on every matter, but that together we may grow in understanding as we connect our faith to issues relevant to our lives.
Those who would like to take part in this study are asked to sign up in the narthex. The book costs $11.00. You may pay when the class begins. Thursday evening is the proposed meeting time, but this may be changed depending on the availability of those who are interested. If lots of people sign up, a second group meeting time will be offered. If you have any questions, please speak with Pastor Sherri
Please Note
Our Summer Worship schedule will begin on June 7. Services will be held at 10:00 a.m. for June, July, and August with Children’s Church at 10:15 a.m. Our adult Sunday morning Bible Study will take a break for the summer months.
Headed to Camp

We have three young people going to camp this month. How nice it would be for them to receive mail from friends in the congregation. Drop a note to the following address:
June 21-23
Cameron Seifert
Kevin Seifert
Crystal Springs Camp
33774 Crystal Springs Street
Dowagiac, MI 49047-9389
June 25-27
Kyle Seifert
Crystal Springs Camp
33774 Crystal Springs Street
Dowagiac, MI 49047-9389
 There is a Nice Collection of Greeting Cards for sale in the Narthex.  The Cost is $6.00 per box. Please make checks payable to the "Sisters in Faith". . .
Mother-Daughter Banquet
At least 80 women and girls turned out for our Mother-Daughter Banquet last month. We enjoyed a lovely meal of chips & salsa, taco salad, chicken enchilada casserole, and Texas sheet cake.
Grateful thanks to our “master chef” Dave Hess (and Marcia) for organizing the meal. We also express appreciation to these men who helped cook and serve the meal: Brad Bartelmay, Bob Behrle, Rick Cooper, Mike Davidson, Jim Flick, Doug Hinman, Bill Payne and Jim Thompson.
Our program featured the singing of Dennis Hoag. Many purchased his CD and there are still a few more copies available in the narthex for $10.00. Special thanks to Julie Sittig for the donation of the program. Thanks also to Sisters in Faith for purchasing all the food and supplies and hosting this festive event as a gift to the women of our church family. A good time was had by all!
Getting the Most Out of Our Website

Did you ever visit our church website, and think to yourself, “Why does it look that way?”  Columns appear to be set up incorrectly, text is “cut off” or a particular feature doesn’t seem to work correctly.
The issue here is: Are you viewing the website as it was meant to be seen?  All pages of our website, including our home page, are set up as three columns, two narrow columns to the left and right, with a wider column in the middle.  You should be able to view all three columns at the same time without the need of scrolling, either to the left or right.  If you are not seeing all three columns, it may be necessary to change the screen resolution on your computer.  Most websites are designed to be viewed at a resolution of 1024 X 768 pixels, or higher.  If your computer screen is set at a lower resolution, it will become necessary to scroll to the right to see the remainder of each web page.  To change the resolution on your computer (for those of you that have standard sized screens) go to “Start” then “Control Panel” and then “Display”.  Click on the “Settings” tab.  Slide the “Screen Resolution” tab to the right until it reads 1024 x 768. Click “Apply”.
Another setting that can affect your ability to see the website as it was meant to be seen is “Text Size”.  Our entire website was developed using either medium or large sized text.  This was done in order to make it easily readable without the need of changing the default text size setting on your computer.  To check your “Text Size” setting do the following:  While on the Internet, go to the top menu.  Click on “View” then “Text Size”.  The desired setting should be set to “Medium”. Having your text size set to “Large” or “Largest” will still enable you to see all three columns without scrolling, however text will “shift” at these higher settings and can certainly cause problems when viewing portions of the website.
Still having problems?  If something doesn’t look “just right”, let me know, and I’ll see if I can help.  My e-mail address is .
One other note of concern:  Some church members, when receiving their monthly e-mail from Pastor Sherri, indicating that the monthly newsletter is now ready for viewing, are at the same time seeing a warning with words to this effect: “This might be a phishing message and is potentially unsafe . . . access is blocked to the following potentially unsafe attachments: image002.jpg" (the monthly newsletter logo). 
Please understand that e-mails from our church are virus free and that appearance of such a message is usually the result of having your virus protection software set to a medium to high security level. If you are still uncomfortable opening such an e-mail, simply go to our website at and click on the “NEWSLETTER” tab found on the top menu.
Next Month:  Features on our website you may be missing.
Dennis Comfort
Haiti News
During the worship service on May 31 our Missions Committee dedicated 70 complete school kits, plus many extra supplies for Haiti. Alex Renbarger will be taking these to Annual Conference June 4 through 7.
Thank you to everyone who contributed financially or purchased school supplies. Working together, we accomplished a lot!
Congratulation Graduates
There are five additional graduates to add to the list of honorees that were listed in last month's Parish Post.  New additions are designated with a .

New Buffalo High School:
Amanda Gibson, granddaughter of Ellen Sokolowski.

Troy Robertson
, son of Debbie Robertson and Gary Robertson; grandson of Allen & Beverly Harrington.
Courtney Will, daughter of Victor & Kym Will; granddaughter of Sabra Lambert.
 River Valley High School:
Brittany Sokolowski, granddaughter of Ellen Sokolowski.

Lake Michigan College:
Nicole Goodenough, daughter of Craig & Kris Goodenough.
Nancy Harrington

Grand Valley State University:
 Kerri Becktell, daughter of Dan & Julie Becktell.

Western Michigan University:
Colby Caid, son of Matt & Nancy Caid.                    

Calvin College:
Jill Hauch, daughter of Bruce & Jeanie Hauch; granddaughter of Jerry & Esther Thomas.

Albion College:
Keith Zabel and Kevin Zabel, sons of Chuck & Tammy Zabelgrandsons of Chuck & Ruth Ann Zabel.
Indiana University at South Bend
Sheila Swanson, graduated with her Master’s degree in secondary education.

Congratulations and best wishes to all! 

Thank You
Methodist Children’s Home Society would like to simply say “Thank You” for your donations. Your gifts allow us to continue providing a safe haven for abused and neglected children throughout the year.
Thank you for giving those who have encountered unfortunate circumstances a chance to be loved, to dream and to have hope for tomorrow. 
Prayer Update
Our calling “Prayer Tree” has been recently updated. All participants should have received a copy of the updated list in the mail. The updated list may also be found on the TOUMC website on the "OUR VOLUNTEERS" page.  If you would like to be added to either the phone or e-mail prayer chains (or both), please tell Pastor Sherri or Cheryl in the church office.
Soul Sisters
Our next meeting is Wednesday, June 24, at 2:00 p.m. at the church. All women are welcome to join us. 

We are looking for people to provide Coffee Treats for our Fellowship Time after worship on Sundays. If you can help, please sign the sheet in the narthex.
News from Area Churches
We bid farewell to Bob & Lois Gault of First Congregational Church in Three Oaks. Bob has accepted a call to a church in Ohio to be closer to their family. His last Sunday in Three Oaks is June 7. Godspeed to you, Bob and Lois!
We welcome new co-pastors, Rev. Kyle & Rev. Lindsay Small, to Harbert Community Church. They will be installed on Sunday, June 21. Welcome to the community!

Crocodile Dock Vacation Bible School
Get ready to take a romp through the swamp! This year’s community Vacation Bible School theme is “Crocodile Dock – Where Fearless Kids Shine God’s Light”. Each day we will have a ragin’ celebration in the bayou with songs, games, crafts, and snacks. Our favorite chipmunk, Chadder, will be back again, also.
VBS will be held at the Three Oaks Free Methodist Church (12 East Michigan Street) on June 29 through July 3 from 9:00 a.m. to 12 Noon. (Please note: This is one week later than the dates reported in last month's Parish Post!) All children ages four through those completing 5th grade are invited. Please fill out a pre-registration form in the narthex for your child or children.
Lots of help will be needed, especially as Crew Leaders. If you would like to volunteer please speak with Pastor Sherri. We ask the whole congregation to get involved by contributing supplies for refreshments and crafts. Sign-up lists will be available soon in the narthex.
So hop on a flat-bottom boat and drift on lazy, hazy waters under tall cypress trees – until the big adventure begins!

Sign Up
We are looking for Special Music in July and August. Please sign up in the narthex to share your talents with the congregation.
Sisters in Faith 
We will be taking our annual shopping excursion to Shipshewana on Tuesday, June 16. We will leave the church at 7:00 a.m. Everyone in the congregation is invited. Please sign up in the narthex so we will know how many vehicles are needed.
Our next regular meeting will be Wednesday, June 18, 7:00 p.m. at the church. Chris Zebell is scheduled to bring refreshments. She could use a helper if someone would like to team up with her. We will watch the entire “Bad Girls of the Bible” DVD at this meeting (one hour) to conclude our study. We will also make further plans for our summer picnic. All women are welcome to join us!
Sunday School Volunteers
Thank you to the individuals who have led our children’s Sunday School January through May, 2009. They are: Julie Becktell, Mary Behrle, Gayle Martin, Rhonda Petro, and Aimee Seifert.
Thank you also to their helpers. They are: Nancy Caid, Joanie Davidson, Tracy Donner, Melissa Flick, Marcia Hess, Vivian Koebel, Doris Krossovitch, Alex Renbarger, Sheila Swanson, and Marlyn Williams.
Without these dedicated volunteers we wouldn’t have such a wonderful program. If you would like to volunteer to be a teacher or a helper, please see Mary Behrle or Julie Becktell
Doors to Justice
"Live in peace; and the God of love and peace will be with you." 2 Corinthians 13:11b
On Sunday, June 7, we will be collecting a special offering for Peace with Justice. Your offering on Peace with Justice Sunday helps the children of God everywhere to live lovingly and peacefully. Half of the offering supports peace with justice ministries globally through the General Board of Church and Society, and half assists annual conference-related work such as the West Michigan Conference Peace Network.

“Live in peace; and the God of love and peace will be with you,” wrote the apostle Paul to the church in Corinth. Help to bring peace and justice to a hurting world. Please give generously on Peace with Justice Sunday, the first Sunday after Pentecost. Your gift makes a world of difference!
Love Link Challenge
Thank you to everyone in our congregation who contributed to Love Links. We were able to collect $100 to take to Annual Conference.
Every year youth from each district collect donations for the Youth Service Fund.   For every dollar raised a paper chain link is made and displayed at the conference. The district with the most links wins. Seventy percent of the funds stay in the West Michigan Conference for youth ministries. The other thirty percent goes to the International Youth Service Fund.  
B.C.A.C. Volunteers Needed
The Berrien County Association of Churches along with the Benton Harbor Street Ministry is looking for a couple of individuals who would be interested in heading up a committee that would oversee the operation of a Thrift Store as an addition to this ministry.  We are exploring the possibility of partnering with a store that is already up and running. Volunteers are needed to work four to six hours, once a week, (or every other week). In addition, we are looking for a couple of individuals who have some type of business background (retail experience would be helpful but not required) who would have a heart for working with volunteers in this type of setting.  It is possible the manager position could become a paid position eventually.  If you are interested or know someone who is interested please contact Yvonne Wood, President B.C.A.C. at (269) 429-4071

Top 40 Countdown
Are you enjoying our Top 40 Hymn Countdown? Actually it is now the Top 49 Countdown since we decided to include all hymns that received at least two votes. We began last September and will finish this coming August.
Look over the list to date and see how many of these songs from the past nine months are familiar to you. Then take a guess which songs still remain for the three months ahead. You will probably know them all.
Don’t miss worship this summer as we sing some of the most-loved hymns of all time! We’re building up to the #1 Favorite Hymn which received 23 votes from members of our congregation. Do you know what it is???
Week                                                         Hymn Votes 
#   Rank     Date Sung  Name of Hymn                  Hymnal   #  Rec'd
 1  31 (Tie) 09/14/2008 Living For Jesus                 FS  2149   2
 2  31 (Tie) 09/21/2008 Have Thine Own Way Lord          UMH  382   2
 3  31 (Tie) 09/28/2008 Precious Lord, Take My Hand      UMH  474   2    
 4  31 (Tie) 10/05/2008 God Will Take Care of You        UMH  130   
 5  31 (Tie) 10/12/2008 His Eye is on the Sparrow        FS  2146   2   
 6  31 (Tie) 10/19/2008 Standing on the Promises         UMH  374   2
 7  31 (Tie) 10/26/2008 Trust and Obey                   UMH  467   2
 8  31 (Tie) 11/02/2008 I'll Fly Away                    FS  2282   2 
 9  31 (Tie) 11/09/2008 I Love to Tell the Story         UMH  156   2
10  31 (Tie) 11/16/2008 My Tribute                       HFG  365   2
11  31 (Tie) 11/23/2008 When Morning Gilds the Skies     UMH  185   2
12  31 (Tie) 11/30/2008 Battle Hymn of the Republic      UMH  717   2  
13  31 (Tie) 12/07/2008 Softly and Tenderly              UMH  348   2
17  31 (Tie) 01/04/2009 Open My Eyes, That I May See     UMH  454   2  
18  31 (Tie) 01/11/2009 Fairest Lord Jesus               UMH   189   2
19  31 (Tie) 01/18/2009 Kum Ba Yah                       UMH  494   2
20  31 (Tie) 01/25/2009 Great Is The Lord                FS  2022   2 
21  -- ----- 02/01/2009 NO SONG SUNG                     ---  ---   -
22  31 (Tie) 02/08/2009 The Family of God                HFG  543     
24  31 (Tie) 02/22/2009 All Hail the Power of Jesus Name UMH  154   2
25  31 (Tie) 03/01/2009 The Lords Prayer                 HFG  440   2
31  31 (Tie) 04/12/2009 Christ the Lord has Risen Today  UMH  302  
23  22 (Tie) 02/15/2009 Spirit Song                      UMH  347   3
26  22 (Tie) 03/08/2009 Lord, I Lift Your Name on High   FS  2088   3
27  22 (Tie) 03/15/2009 Just As I Am                     UMH  357   3
28  22 (Tie) 03/22/2009 Victory In Jesus                 UMH  370   3
29  22 (Tie) 03/29/2009 Sweet Hour of Prayer             UMH  496   3
30  22 (Tie) 04/05/2009 Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross    UMH  301   3
32  22 (Tie) 04/19/2009 Joyful, Juyful, We Adore Thee    UMH  089  
33  22 (Tie) 04/26/2009 Shout to the Lord                FS  2074   3  
14  17 (Tie) 12/14/2008 Joy to the World                 UMH  246   4
34  17 (Tie) 05/03/2009 Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me       UMH  361   4
35  17 (Tie) 05/10/2009 Morning Has Broken               UMH  145  
36  17 (Tie) 05/17/2009 He Touched Me                    UMH  367   4
38  11 (Tie) 05/31/2009 Here I Am Lord                   UMH  593   4
15  11 (Tie) 12/21/2008 Go Tell it on the Mountain       UMH  251   5
16  11 (Tie) 12/28/2008 Silent Night                     UMH  239  
37  11 (Tie) 05/24/2009 Onward Christian Soldiers        UMH  545   5
UMH: United Methodist Hymnal (Red Book)
HFG: Hymns for the Family of God  (Brown Book)
FS:  The Faith We Sing (Black Book)
Historical Corner
Submitted by
Eleanor Desmond
Gazette, March, 1933
An ice storm closed Three Oaks Road to Lakeside through Warren Woods where many trees were fallen over the road. Trees were also down in Dewey Cannon Park.
Church night at the M.E. Church is post-poned from March 24 to March 31. Aden Gault, teacher, Oscar Duddleson and R. W. Weller are in charge of the program.
An Easter and David Livingston program (does anyone know what this was?) will be held Sunday. Paul Hellenga, Lois Fisher, Cecil Jenkins and Wilford Minor will conduct the evening events.
March Wedding
Harold Mayes – graduated of class of 1927 Three Oaks High and Esther Nagel, daughter of Frank Nagel, New Buffalo. They will reside on the Mayes Farm near Three Oaks. (This was probably in the Maple Grove area – does anyone know where?) Attendants were Marguerita (Margaret) Mayes and Ellis Williamson. Remember the Mayes from last month’s article? 
June Anniversaries
 2nd  Art & Elsie Portinga
 4th   Ogden & Doris Krossovitch #60!
 7th   Don & Coco Heim #40!
12th  Lonnie & Chris Zebell
22nd  Jack & Alexis Renbarger

June Birthdays
  1st Ed Rogers
  2nd Bobby Borntrager 
          Jamie Flick
          Thais Williams
  3rd Dick Zabel
         Nettie Donner
  4th  Tim Vantilburg
5th  Bill Donner
          Kathryn Renbarger
  6th  Albert Brayboy
  9th  Betty Swanson
 10th Tony Kozel
 14th Jeff Jakeway
          Marge Vidal
 22nd Mike Springer
 24th Abigail Prim
 26th Jeanie Hauch
          Julie Becktell
 27th  Michael Davidson
 30th Yuri Vanzine
June Service Schedule

June 7
Holy Communion
Trinity Sunday
Peace with Justice special offering
“The More I Know, the Less I Understand”
John 3:1-17
June 14
Flag Day
“God is Green"
Mark 4:26-34
Sermon Series: “Confronting the Controversies” Begins
June 21
Father’s Day
“Confronting the Controversies – How We Decide What We Believe”
2 Timothy 3:14-17
June 28
“Confronting the Controversies – How We Discuss What We Believe”
Colossians 3:12-17