Three Oaks United Methodist Church
Monday, October 18, 2021
You Are Welcome!
Volume 37 - Issue #8   
10:00 a.m. Worship Service

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“Then Jesus said to his disciples, ‘If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross, and follow me. If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for my sake, you will save it. And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?”  Matthew 16:24-26b NLT
A Lesson from History
Last month the Harbor Country Historical Society took an informative tour through downtown Three Oaks. Though I have not usually participated in the historical society’s meetings, I made a point to attend this one because I knew there would be stops in three local churches – the Reformed Church, the Church of Christ, and ours. The information presented at each was very interesting. Eleanor Desmond especially did a wonderful job sharing about the storied history of our congregation and several individuals within it. I wish more of you could have heard the results of her research. Maybe we can schedule such a program for a date in the future.
At the conclusion of the Three Oaks historical tour, John Gunner Gooch wrote up a nice article for the Gazette on what he learned. In this he included a photo of one of our beautiful stained glass windows. John also explained in the text that he finally had received an answer to a question that had puzzled him for a long time. Every day when walking past our church to the Gazette office he would look up at the stained glass over our front door on Elm Street and wonder “What in the world is the M.E. Church?”
The letters M.E. stand for Methodist Episcopal Church, a predecessor denomination of our current UMC – United Methodist Church (formed in 1968). There are a few of our members with longevity who remember when we were known as the M.E. Church. Before his death in 2005, at the age of 97, Eldon Lee used to send his offering to the church in an envelope marked “M.E. Church”. Of course, his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lee, were very committed members of the old M.E. Church. Their names are engraved in the cornerstone at the Elm Street door. As members of the building committee in 1908, they were responsible for renovating the church building and adding our precious stained glass windows. 
Well, there’s a little history for you. We certainly have a rich past as a congregation. What I wonder is, how do people view us today? Are we seen as relevant, active, involved, and concerned about our community? Or, is it possible, that some people have walked past our door and thought – either consciously or unconsciously – “That’s the ‘ME’ church?”
It sounds kind of funny at first, But, upon further reflection, it’s not really so funny after all, if it is descriptive. Are there ways we communicate to the outside world that we are the ‘ME’ church? Consider some of these possible messages:
  • “You are sitting in my pew.”
  • I don’t like that song and I don’t care if you do like it.”
  • "I have enjoyed a comfortable worship experience and have greeted all my friends; why should I be bothered with extending myself to newcomers?”
Friends, if we are focused only on the people who are already inside the church (“me, myself, and I”) and not on those on the outside who have yet to come in, we are headed toward certain death – spiritual death and physical death.   
Jesus describes the spiritual aspect of this death when he calls us to “deny ourselves”. He tells us that we must “lose our lives” in order to save them. And he has this to say about a life that revolves around “me, myself and I”: What does it matter if you gain the whole world and lose your soul?” The stark result of a self-centered life is spiritual death.
Likewise, the stark result of a self-centered church is physical death. If we are not finding ways to reach out in love to our community, we have lost our purpose for being. If we are not constantly bringing in new people, we are in the process of dying.
Let’s make the “ME” church a thing of history. Of course, the letters will remain on the outside of our building. But let’s make sure that everything we do, in word and deed, communicates just the opposite. . . “we are a church for others.”
Pastor Sherri
Those who serve as missionaries, especially:
Jeff & Deliegha Swanson, Charissa, Lois, and Titus in Mexico. 

Those who are in the military, including:
Brad Bellaire, Pete Birochak, Christopher Blackwell, Ryan Ehlert, Rick Martin, Brandon McCombs, Jerry Peters Jr., Nathan Phillips and Dustin Smith.

Those who are in nursing homes:
Barney Fay and Tecla Kaiser.

Those who are homebound:
Dorothy Brayboy, Lloyd Gearhart, Shirley Hoadley, Nan Klinedinst, Rose Lee, Kathryn Renbarger, Marjorie Weller and Thais Williams.

Those with health problems:
Dawn Ackerman
Eldon Audiss
Duane Below
Robert Bucks
Shirley Busick
Hope De Jong
Jim Edgecomb
Donna Friedburg
Klaus Friedburg
Paul Friedburg
Becky Gardner
Pete Harfert
Allen Harrington
Beverly Harrington
Dawn Hayes 
Ed Hayes
Bob Heward
Barb Kain
Geroge Lawton
Lucy Lee
Betty Martin
LaVern Noble
Pat Ponegalek
Lynn Reitz
Troy Robertson
Jeff Ross
Jacque Rowlison
Frank Ruprich
Roger Simpson
Diane Gridley Smith
Sam Snyder
Ellen Sokolowski
Garnett Swanson
Louise Uebler
Dale Vales
Greta Vollman
Neva Marshall Walls
Adam Williams
Mary Yoder 

Those who are seeking employment.
Those who are in the process of adopting a baby.
Pastors and congregations beginning new appointments.
Please note: Names will be deleted from the above list after one month unless an updated request is received.
Teach for America
Jill Hauch has been engaged in an intensive training program in Chicago this summer, preparing to teach this coming school year in Milwaukee. We have received a newsy letter telling about her experiences so far and this is posted on the bulletin board. If you would like to be on Jill’s e-mail list to receive periodic updates, tell Pastor Sherri. And don’t forget to pray for Jill as she works with these inner-city children. 
Marriage Encounter
Fireproof your marriage! Go on a Marriage Encounter weekend! Attending to and protecting against threats to your marriage are essential to its health and survival. Open, sincere and honest communication can produce a strong marriage that lasts a lifetime. Find out how on a United Methodist Marriage Encounter weekend! From Friday evening to Sunday afternoon married couples can get away from jobs, kids, chores, TV and phones – and totally focus on each other. The next Marriage Encounter weekend is scheduled September 25 – 27 at St. Francis Retreat Center in DeWitt, Michigan (north of Lansing). See brochure in the narthex or contact registration couple, Chuck & Dalice Yost at (313) 937-1051 or Check out the website at . 
Summer Bible Study
The Bible Study “Confronting the Controversies: Biblical Perspectives on Tough Issues” is continuing on Thursdays from 6:30 – 7:45 p.m. at the church. We will NOT meet on Thursday, August 6 but will meet on August 13 and cover chapter 2. See Pastor Sherri if you need more information. 
What a wonderful time we had at our annual summer picnic last month! Marcia and Dave Hess were super hosts, as always, and everyone enjoyed seeing the beautiful new addition to their house. Twenty-two women were able to attend. The weather cooperated and the assortment of food was marvelous. A highlight of the evening was celebrating Zimmah Fox’s 85th birthday.
Our next meeting will be Wednesday, August 19, at 7:00 p.m. Sue Rubeck will have devotions, Marcia Hess and Rhonda Hinman will bring refreshments. All ladies of the church are invited.
Seven ladies enjoyed a lovely lunch out at the Pumpernickel Inn in Union Pier last month. Our next meeting will be Wednesday, August 26, at 2:00 p.m. at the church, unless announced differently. 
Summer All Stars
Congratulations to all our youth who were on softball and baseball All Stars this summer: Paige Barbour, Laura Donner, Nettie Donner, Kaitlin Goodenough, Katharine Kersey, Steven Seifert, Emma Springer, and Madison Vollman
We congratulate Troy Robertson who is on the cheerleading squad at Western University in Kalamazoo.
We also congratulate George Frye and Post 204 who defended their title as District champs in American Legion baseball last month.
Way to go, athletes!
Dear Church Family,
I would like to thank everyone for their cards, prayers and thoughtful gifts during my recovery. It was really appreciated and helped boost my morale.
Hope to be back soon.
Thanks again,
Louise Uebler
To the church,
Thank you very much for the card and gift. It was nice of you to think about me. Right now I’m taking one class for college and then when I start school in the fall I will be going to become a nurse because I love kids and I feel that’s where I need to be is helping kids get better.
Thank you again for everything!
Courtney Will
Dear friends and church family,
Thank you so much for all the prayers and beautiful cards. It’s so wonderful of everyone. Thank you, Pastor Sherri. I’m feeling much better with my new part. Thank God.
Ellen Sokolowski 
Rural Life Sunday
August 30 is a special Sunday to celebrate God’s blessings and the ministires of our small town and rural churches. On this day we will receive a special offering to provide resources for ministries in the rural and small town settings in our West Michigan Conference. The funds collected will be used for seminary training and continuing education for clergy concerning the specific needs of these churches. An insert in your worship bulletin will explain more. Please give generously. 
. . . to Victor & Kym Will for donating another high chair for Fellowship Hall. 
Committee News Update
The Lay Leadership (Nominations) Committee has been hard at work recruiting leaders for the new year. Thank you to all of you who have agreed to serve on various committees. We still have a couple of openings on the Board of Trustees. If you would be interested in helping to care for the maintenance needs of our building, please tell Pastor Sherri. 
Field Trip Update
Members of our church helped to chaperone a field trip for 25 Benton Harbor children from Harbor Harvest Urban Ministries last month. We went to the Monroe Family Farm in Baroda and learned a lot about goats. Everyone had an opportunity to milk a goat and then we observed this milk being used to make soap, fudge, and homemade ice cream (yummy samples provided!).
Thanks to our volunteers who went along to show love to these children – Judy Ross, Faye Sittig, Sheila Swanson, Ben Bartelmay, and Pastor Sherri, and to Rhonda Hinman who provided many homemade treats for our snack time.
This was the first time several of these children had ever been to a farm and they were amazed by all the animals. Check out our website ( for some photos from the day or visit to learn more about Harbor Harvest Urban Ministries.
Library News
The Library Friends of Three Oaks present author and Three Oaks native son Robert Hellenga on Saturday, August 15, 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. at the Acorn Theater. He will be reading from his novels “Blue Lessons”, “Snake Woman”, and “The 16 Pleasures”. The suggested donation is $5.00 for the library friends. There will be a reception following the reading. 
VBS Wrap Up
The final numbers are in from VBS. We had a total of 126 children who came (21 of them from our church), 24 teens and 21 adults who helped. The biggest attendance was Thursday when we had 93 children attend. 
Thank you to these persons from our congregation who provided leadership: Pastor Sherri Swanson, preschool teacher; Cheryl Kersey, substitute preschool teacher on the last day; Ben, Tom, & Sam Bartelmay, crew leaders; Joe Hinman, praise band; Angie Hauch, games; and Rhonda Hinman for organizing all the supplies. 
Free Flowers
Three Oaks Florist is offering Free Flowers for church! When you go to Three Oaks Florist to order flowers for almost any reason (the only exception is wire orders) and mention the name of our church, they will give our account a house credit of 5% of the purchase price. This house credit can be used by our church to purchase flowers for any event. For more information check out the flyer posted in the narthex.
Welcome Back to a Former Pastor!
Rev. Meredith Rupe will be our guest preacher on Sunday, August 9, while Pastor Sherri is on vacation. Meredith and his wife, Pauline, retired from active ministry a few years ago, though they are still keeping very busy spending summers in Boyne Falls, Michigan, and winters in Evergreen, Colorado. The Rupes served in Three Oaks from 1970 to 1975. They are looking forward to seeing old friends in the congregation, as well as meeting new ones.
Building Rental
Our Staff-Parish Relations Committee recently reviewed and revised the building fee schedule to make sure our custodian is compensated for cleaning up after special events. There is now a security deposit required of both members and non-members, in addition to the rental charge. If the building is left in clean condition, this deposit money will be returned. See the bulletin board in the narthex for full details on the new cost schedule. 
Youth News 
Dear Friends in Christ,
A million thank yous wouldn’t be enough to express my feeling of thanks. Your donations were very VERY much appreciated. Now, with your help, we can provide for the projects of our growing youth. That also includes your youth. If your youth are taking on a project, and you need something to get you started, there is a grant application that you can fill out and send.
I am also glad to inform you that we, as a district, went beyond our goal of 1,000 links, and collected the most love links in the whole West Michigan Conference. Our total was $2,459.00. The whole West Michigan Conference collected $6,423.00, which sets a new record for the most love links collected. Congratulations to ALL of you!
Thank you,
Ellen Messner,
Kalamazoo District Youth President 
Visitation Team
It has been suggested that we establish a team of persons willing to visit those members who are homebound or in nursing facilities. If you would be willing to volunteer some time to this ministry, please speak with Pastor Sherri or George Koebel.
Don't Miss Out! 
CD’s by Dennis Michaels, our guest at the Mother-Daughter Banquet, are available in the narthex for $10. 
It’s a Boy!
Congratulations to Jeremiah & Hope Preece on the birth of a son, Sage, on June 15. He weighed 8 lb. 3 oz. The grandmother is Sally Preece and great-grandmother is Virginia Feather. May the Lord bless your family at this special time. 
On Sunday, July 26, we celebrated the baptism of Bronwynn Solana Swanson and Cullayn Elana Swanson. They are the daughters of Steve & Sandy Swanson and nieces of Pastor Sherri. Their family is in the process of moving from Pocatello, Idaho, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We wish you well on your cross-country move!
This summer we have had many people share their music for our enjoyment. Thanks to you all.
Thank you to Mary Behrle for filling in for Pastor Sherri. She had a very good message and brought some plants “Moses in the Basket", which were new to me.
Choir practice will begin on Thursday, September 3, at 6:30 p.m. Anyone wishing to join us will be welcomed.
Church service will return to 11:00 a.m. on September 6.
Sharon Flick,
Worship Chairperson 
Save the Date
Sunday, October 4, is the date of our annual Church Conference with District Superintendent Rev. Neil Davis. This year it will be held at First UMC in New Buffalo at 3:45; our Staff-Parish Relations Committee will meet with Rev. Davis at 3:15 p.m. Committee chairpersons are asked to submit their reports on activities to the church office by September 18. These will be combined in a booklet for members who attend the conference. 
Setting and Achieving Goals
Each summer when the Staff-Parish Relations Committee meets in preparation for our fall Church Conference, we set goals for the coming year and evaluate the progress we’ve made on goals over the past year. We thought it might be valuable to share this information so everyone in the congregation can celebrate our recent accomplishments and also help plan for the future.
Last Year’s Goals and Results: 
1. Welcome Materials – We started an excellent website, created an attractive pictorial directory, developed a useful brochure and distributed it locally.
2. Community Events – We had a visible presence at the Three Oaks Inside Out summer festival, sponsored an ice cream social for Open House month on Three Oaks Third Saturday, and connected with visitors to our town through the Chicken Dinner.
3. Building Maintenance – We remedied the water problem in our basement so it no longer floods and we established one additional handicapped parking space.
4. Church Activities – We sent out a survey to members about their interests and likely participation. Based on the responses received, we made plans for a summer picnic this year. Though a men’s fellowship group was not formed, the men again worked together to prepare and serve our Mother-Daughter Banquet.
5. Technology – We made better use of e-mail for sending newsletters, meeting reminders, prayer requests, announcements, and other items pertaining to church business; thus getting information out more quickly, using less paper, and saving on postage costs.
In summary, we were very successful in meeting our goals this year. Especially, we benefited from the expertise of two of our members in establishing the website (Dennis Comfort) and fixing the water problem (Ken Seifert, Jr.). 
Next Year’s Goals:  

1. Visitation Team – Recruit volunteers to help visit members who are homebound or in nursing facilities.
2. Community Outreach – Find new ways to get people inside the doors of our church; suggestions: Invite-A-Friend Sundays, low-cost dinners, card/game nights.

3. Middle School-age Sunday School/Youth Group – Start a second class on Sunday mornings to separate the age groups; involve our older children in worship through skits and music.

4. Mission Trip – Send a group to Habitat for Humanity or some other hands-on mission project.
Longer Term Goal: 

Technology – explore options for modernizing technology at the church, eg. burning CD’s instead of audiotapes, filming services and converting to DVD’s, installing a screen and using Power Point in the sanctuary.
If you have any questions or comments about this report or would like to suggest other “goals” for the future, please speak with Pastor Sherri, George Koebel, or any member of the Staff-Parish Relations Committee. 
Haiti Update
The Missions Committee invites you to purchase school supplies on the following list when you find them on sale. We will send “School Kits” to Haiti again in the spring. Please place the items in the boxes under the mailboxes in the narthex.
All items must be NEW:
  • Pads (or loose leaf) 8½” x 11” ruled paper (NOT spiral note pads)
  • Unsharpened pencils with erasers
  • Erasers, 2½”
  • Blunt-tipped scissors (rounded tip)
  • 30 centimeter rulers
  • Small hand held pencil sharpeners
  • Boxes of 24 crayons (only 24)
  • Construction paper
Website News
Check out the picture album on our website, , where 37 new photos have been posted from five recent events: Flag Day, Father’s Day, VBS, HHUM Field Trip to a goat farm, and women’s picnic.
CROP Hunger Walk 2009
“We Walk Because They Walk”
The CROP Walk is held each year to raise money for the Harbor Country Food Pantry and the international relief and development efforts of Church World Service. Twenty-five percent of donations will go to the Harbor Country Emergency Food Pantry with the other seventy-five percent being used nationwide and worldwide to fight hunger.
The 25th annual CROP WALK will meet at First UMC in New Buffalo on Sunday, October 4th. We will begin with registration and a light lunch in the fellowship hall at 12:30. At 1:00 p.m. we will gather for a brief time of prayer together and will step off on the walk at 1:15 p.m. Let’s all mark this date on our calendar and plan on walking this year!
It is fulfilling to know that by taking part in the hunger walk you are doing God’s work of helping provide food and water to those less fortunate. At the same time you will be enjoying a little fresh air, and exercise while visiting with friends from the community. 
In 1992 there were 100 walkers from Harbor Country involved in the Walk. Last year there were only 58 walkers from the Harbor Country area. This year we hope to top that number!
Each participant is asked to raise at least $100 from sponsors and donations prior to the walk, but everyone is welcome to walk regardless if they are able to reach the $100 goal or not. Also there is a very easy way to set up an online account to accept donations from your friends and family.
There are two different routes this year. Choose the route which makes you feel more comfortable. A car will be available to pick you up if you get tired along the way. If you are interested in walking in this event, pick up a pledge sheet in the narthex. If you aren’t able to walk, please sponsor someone else. 
Living Will
“Five Wishes” is a living will written in everyday language to express a person’s desires for end-of-life care. It is valid in the state of Michigan. We have copies available in the church narthex for just $1.00. Leave your money in the basket.
Sponsors Needed
Judy Ross is participating in the Harbor Country Relay for Life on August 15-16 at New Buffalo High School. There is information in the church narthex if you would like to sponsor her or purchase luminaries in memory or in honor of loved ones. 
Historical Corner
Submitted by 
Eleanor Desmond

This is a picture of a Sunday School class from about 1936.
BACK ROW [Left to Right): Joan Best, Marilyn Kern, Louise Gearhart, Eleanor Stanage, Elaine Strum and Teacher, Myrtle J. Warren
FRONT ROW [Left to Right): Jim Francis (deceased), Wallace Pitchford (moved to Bakersfield, California), Glen Reid (deceased) and Jimmy Rembach, (moved to Chula Vista, California) 
Top 50 Countdown

Just one more month to go. Check the list below and see which hymns you think are missing.  Can you guess the "The Final Four"?
Week                                                         Hymn Votes 
#   Rank     Date Sung  Name of Hymn                  Hymnal   #  Rec'd
 1  31 (Tie) 09/14/2008 Living For Jesus                 FS  2149   2
 2  31 (Tie) 09/21/2008 Have Thine Own Way Lord          UMH  382   2
 3  31 (Tie) 09/28/2008 Precious Lord, Take My Hand      UMH  474   2    
 4  31 (Tie) 10/05/2008 God Will Take Care of You        UMH  130   
 5  31 (Tie) 10/12/2008 His Eye is on the Sparrow        FS  2146   2   
 6  31 (Tie) 10/19/2008 Standing on the Promises         UMH  374   2
 7  31 (Tie) 10/26/2008 Trust and Obey                   UMH  467   2
 8  31 (Tie) 11/02/2008 I'll Fly Away                    FS  2282   2 
 9  31 (Tie) 11/09/2008 I Love to Tell the Story         UMH  156   2
10  31 (Tie) 11/16/2008 My Tribute                       HFG  365   2
11  31 (Tie) 11/23/2008 When Morning Gilds the Skies     UMH  185   2
12  31 (Tie) 11/30/2008 Battle Hymn of the Republic      UMH  717   2  
13  31 (Tie) 12/07/2008 Softly and Tenderly              UMH  348   2
17  31 (Tie) 01/04/2009 Open My Eyes, That I May See     UMH  454   2  
18  31 (Tie) 01/11/2009 Fairest Lord Jesus               UMH   189   2
19  31 (Tie) 01/18/2009 Kum Ba Yah                       UMH  494   2
20  31 (Tie) 01/25/2009 Great Is The Lord                FS  2022   2 
21  31 (Tie) 02/08/2009 The Family of God                HFG  543     
23  31 (Tie) 02/22/2009 All Hail the Power of Jesus' NameUMH  154   2
24  31 (Tie) 03/01/2009 The Lord's Prayer                HFG  440   2
30  31 (Tie) 04/12/2009 Christ the Lord Is Risen Today   UMH  302  
22  22 (Tie) 02/15/2009 Spirit Song                      UMH  347   3
25  22 (Tie) 03/08/2009 Lord, I Lift Your Name on High   FS  2088   3
26  22 (Tie) 03/15/2009 Just As I Am                     UMH  357   3
27  22 (Tie) 03/22/2009 Victory In Jesus                 UMH  370   3
28  22 (Tie) 03/29/2009 Sweet Hour of Prayer             UMH  496   3
29  22 (Tie) 04/05/2009 Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross    UMH  301   3
31  22 (Tie) 04/19/2009 Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee    UMH  089  
32  22 (Tie) 04/26/2009 Shout to the Lord                FS  2074   3  
14  17 (Tie) 12/14/2008 Joy to the World                 UMH  246   4
33  17 (Tie) 05/03/2009 Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me       UMH  361   4
34  17 (Tie) 05/10/2009 Morning Has Broken               UMH  145  
35  17 (Tie) 05/17/2009 He Touched Me                    UMH  367   4
37  17 (Tie) 05/31/2009 Here I am Lord                   UMH  593   4
15  11 (Tie) 12/21/2008 Go, Tell it on the Mountain      UMH  251   5
16  11 (Tie) 12/28/2008 Silent Night                     UMH  239  
36  11 (Tie) 05/24/2009 Onward, Christian Soldiers       UMH  545   5
38  11 (Tie) 06/07/2009 Blessed Assurance                UMH  369   
39  11 (Tie) 06/14/2009 Wonderful Grace of Jesus         HFG  114   5  
40  11 (Tie) 06/21/2009 Are Ye Able                      UMH  530   5
41  10 ----  06/28/2009 Let There Be Peace On Earth      UMH  491  
42   7 (Tie) 07/05/2009 Just A Closer Walk With Thee     FS  2158   7
43   7 (Tie) 07/12/2009 Great Is Thy Faithfulness        UMH  140   7
44   7 (Tie) 07/19/2009 Because He Lives                 UMH  364   7 
45   6 ----  07/26/2009 He Lives                         UMH  310  11 
46   5 ----  08/02/2009 What a Friend We Have in Jesus   UMH  526  12
47   4 ----  08/09/2009
48   3 ----  08/16/2009
49   2 ----  08/23/2009
50   1 ----  08/30/2009
UMH: United Methodist Hymnal (Red Book)
HFG: Hymns for the Family of God  (Brown Book)
FS:  The Faith We Sing (Black Book)         
August Anniversaries
10th Ricky & Rebekah Martin 
16th Steve Shimek & Lil Lewis
19th Dan & Lisa Henrich
20th Ken & Karen Seifert
28th Ed & Ellie Rogers
30th Mark & Sue Peterson 
August Birthdays
  4th Tracy Donner
  7th Chuck Sittig 
  7th Rose Covert
  8th Cheryl Thomas
  8    Jason Flick
 10th Kevin Seifert
 11th Daniel Vollman
 11th Jennifer Gedert
 12th Ken Seifert, Sr.
 15th Rebekah Martin
 18th Amy Vollman
 20th Julie Flick
 22nd Adam Hinman
 24th Angela Hauch 
 24th Betty Smith
 25th Jan Watkins
  25th Quinn Watkins
 27th Susan Seifert 
 27    Willie Logan
 28th Barney Fay
 29th Paige Barbour 
 29    Susan Rubeck
 30th Jack Vanzine
Doris Krossovitch 
Sunday Services
Sermon Series: 
“Confronting the Controversies”
August 2
Confronting the Controversies
Prayer in Public Schools”
Matthew 6:5-8

August 9
Rev. Meredith Rupe preaching
August 16
Confronting the Controversies
"Creation and Evolution in the Public Schools
Genesis 1:1-5, 26-27, 31-2:1
August 23
Confronting the Controversies
Psalm 139:1-6
August 30
Confronting the Controversies
Romans 1:26-2:4
Rural Life Sunday