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Monday, October 18, 2021
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Volume 39 - Issue #3   
11:00 a.m. Worship Service
Open Hearts, Open Doors, Open Minds

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Jesus said, “How shall we picture the kingdom of God, or by what parable shall we present it?” Mark 4:30 (New American Standard Bible)
A Picture is Worth. . .
We all know the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Now that our new video system is up and running, we have been incorporating pictures into our worship services. The comments received have been overwhelmingly positive. People of all ages and all backgrounds have found something to like about these displays. Here are three of the benefits I have heard mentioned:
I. Engagement
Though church members have not said (at least in so many words) that they found my sermons boring in the past , many have indicated that they find them more interesting now. Honestly, this has been put in a kind and complimentary way. People simply acknowledge that the spoken message seems more engaging when accompanied by visuals. They find themselves paying closer attention and feeling more “into it.”
This probably shouldn’t come as a surprise. Most any public speaker will acknowledge the value of having visual aids to reinforce content – charts, graphs, maps, diagrams, props, gestures. We know that communication is largely non-verbal. That is nothing new. It’s just a matter of making use of newer tools which have become available in our modern age.
II. Understanding
In educational circles it is commonly recognized that there are three general types of learners: visual learners, auditory learners, and kinesthetic learners. Research suggests that fully 65% of people fall into the first category – that is, they learn best visually.
I am aware that a sermon is not the same as a lecture. However, there is a teaching component to preaching. Several persons have told me that they like seeing my main points displayed during the sermon and then reviewed at the end. This type of organization enhances their comprehension. It helps them internalize and make better sense of the words.
Another aspect of increased understanding which I did not anticipate is the impact on some of our older members who are hard of hearing. Such individuals - who in the past  might  have missed much of my message – are now able to follow along more easily and understand at least the gist of what I am saying.
III. Retention
An ancient Chinese proverb often attributed to Confucius goes like this: “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” (Also stated this way: “Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I will remember. Involve me and I will understand.”)
Many studies have confirmed that visualization aids memory. This is really just common sense. Think about all the flash cards we used as kids to recall math facts and vocabulary words.
I used to pride myself on having a pretty good memory for small details. One of the skills that seemed to come rather naturally to me was remembering names. However, now that I have hit the middle stage of life I have noticed this ability slipping a bit!
Yet, I’ve picked up a little trick. I find that I am much more likely to remember someone’s name if I write it down rather than just hear it. Even if I lose the paper later, I will picture the name (and often even the spelling) in my mind’s eye. So it will remain lodged there much more concretely than if it just went “in one ear and out the other.” 
Similarly, people are telling me that they remember my sermons better now because of the pictures accompanying it. How cool is that! Of course, there might be a downside. Now it will be more difficult for me to get by with re-using material that otherwise might have been forgotten.
OK, so maybe a picture is worth a thousand words, or thereabout. Still, I feel compelled to add a couple of cautionary notes. For all the value of pictures, we must acknowledge that they are not the “be all and end all.” I have two thoughts here.
A. Mission
Using projection screens in worship will not suddenly fill up our church and make it vital. We can’t deceive ourselves into thinking that since we’ve now made a step into the twenty-first century our work is done. As the mission statement of The United Methodist Church reminds us: We are called “to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” 
This latest enhancement in our Sunday morning schedule is just one piece of an overall process to  ensure that  our church  has relevance in the present age. This is why our Steering Team and our Church Council will continue to give attention to other matters pertaining to the deepening of our discipleship and how we invite others into the Christian faith.
B. Time
I’ve already acknowledged the value of pictures. If they enhance worship for people who attend now or who may someday attend, I am glad to include them. 
However, I cannot devote all of my time to this endeavor. In the past couple of months I’ve learned that I could easily spend 30 to 40 hours a week hunting for pictures and preparing them in the proper format. Obviously, that is just not feasible. 
There are many other pastoral tasks that still must be done: visiting people who are ill; preparing lessons for Bible Study, confirmation, and new member classes; making phone calls and sending out letters; attending and leading meetings; as well as writing newsletter articles and weekly sermons. No, the sermons do not write themselves now that the pictures are used to illustrate them! If anything, they take a little more work because I am preparing a detailed manuscript so our video technician can follow along. 
This is only to say, please be patient if the pictures are not everything you might hope for. I’m sure a more artistic person could come up with many design improvements to make them even more aesthetically pleasing. However, I am already giving all the time I can spare (and more) to this task. I am grateful that the church secretary is now assisting me. Hopefully, in the future the process will become quicker and easier for both of us as we learn new techniques and as we build a library of computer files which can be used again.
This is one job which is never completely “done.” A perfectionist could spend many additional hours improving the quality of each slide. If time were unlimited we could make the presentation even more professional. Of course, time is indeed limited. So we have to decide when we’ve reached the point that it is “good enough.” While a picture is worth a lot, it is not worth everything.
So thanks for your encouragement over this past month; please continue your patience. We hope to continue making improvements, even if this happens rather slowly. It is my desire to create a worship experience which is engaging, understandable and memorable, without sacrificing the many other important ministry needs of our congregation. I’d be interested in hearing your answer to the question: What is a picture worth to you?
Pastor Sherri
“When one member suffers, we all suffer; and when one member is honored, we all rejoice.”  I Corinthians 12:26
Those who serve as missionaries, especially:
Jeff & Deliegha Swanson, Charissa, Lois, and Titus in Mexico;
Dr. Elma Jocson in Liberia.
Those who are in the military, including:
Christopher Blackwell, Ryan Ehlert, Rick Martin, Jim Parker, and Laura Wright.
Those who are in care facilities:
Barney Fay, Shirley Hoadley, Tecla Kaiser, Marjorie Weller, and Thais Williams.
Those who are homebound:
Dorothy Brayboy, Lloyd Gearhart, and Kathryn Renbarger.
Those with health problems:
Dick Adamec, Deb Barbour, Lois Boyle, Shirley Busick, Rose Covert, Beverly Harrington,
Daniel Harrington, Eva Hecht, Dan Huntman, John Ireland, Laurie Johnson, Sayuri Kakimoto, George Koebel, Les Lee, Lucy Lee, Rylie Miller, Morgan Nicely, Nicole Phillips, Bill Ross,
Janice Rowlison, Judy Schinske, Adeleine Sheldon, Keiko Shimizu, Louise Uebler, Vi Waller, Wayne Weller, Thais Williams, Jim Wisner, and Chris Zebell.
Those who grieve
Family and friends of Lawrence Lange, Dick Stromer, and Jerry Styburski.
Those with a new baby:
Colby & Tabitha Caid at the birth of their daughter, Chloe Lorraine, on February 4.
Our church Steering Team
Pastor Sherri
Our confirmation class
Vacation Bible School
Those seeking employment
Those having family problems
Roy Dale & Nicole Hamilton who suffered an electrical house fire on February 8
The people of Egypt & Libya in their quest for democracy.
Please note: Names will be deleted from the above list after one month unless an updated request is received. 
Congratulations to Colby & Tabitha Caid at the birth of their daughter, Chloe Lorraine on February 4. She weighed 7 pounds, 13 ounces and measured 21 inches, with an amazing head full of hair. The excited grandparents are Matt & Nancy Caid.  May the Lord bless your family at this special time! 
Addresses for cards of encouragement:
Thais Williams
Caretel Village Inns of Royalton
3905 Lorraine Path, Room 81
Coventry House
St. Joseph, MI 49085-8630
(Yuriko Cooper’s parents)
Masaaki & Keiko Shimizu
4-6-18, Harayama, Midori-Ku
Saitama-City, Saitama 336-0931 
(Note: Mail cost to Japan is 98¢)
(Check the bulletin board for a note of thanks from the Shimizu family for the prayers of our congregation.)
Sub Sale Update
The youth would like to thank the congregation for all its support during our Super Bowl sub sale. Our profits were $960.00!
The Mission Trip dates are July 17 through July 23. We are still looking for a male chaperone to accompany us. There won’t be any cost for this individual to participate. Ask Rhonda Petro or Julie Becktell for more details.
Our next fundraiser will be a Rock-A-Thon held in April. Ask Rhonda Petro or Julie Becktell for more information.
Free Lenten Materials
There are many free Lenten materials available on the table in the narthex including prayer booklets on several themes. Please help yourself.
Emmaus Walks
The dates for the next “Walk to Emmaus” are: Men, March 31 through April 3, and Women, April 7 through 10. Both of these events will be held at Faith United Methodist Church in Delton, Michigan. If you would like to participate in these spiritually refreshing events, please see Pastor Sherri for more information or an application. You may also want to talk to these individuals who have been on a Walk to Emmaus: Rhonda Petro, Alex Renbarger, and Craig Goodenough.
Women’s Retreat
All the ladies of our church are invited to “Wonder Full World,” an unforgettable travel-themed retreat at Harbert Community Church, Saturday, March 19, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Wonder Full World takes you on journey packed with friendship, God, and spiritual growth on a whirlwind tour of the seven continents. There will be meaningful Bible studies exploring the wonders of a woman’s heart and time for both quiet reflection and laugh-out-loud fun.
Registration is $55.00 until March 12. For more information contact Kelli Marsh at (269) 426-6900 (days), or Kimberly Meyer at (269) 426-3225,
New Member Class
There will be a New Member Class on Monday, March 14, at 7:00 p.m. for those who are interested in joining our church. Anyone is welcome even if you aren’t sure you are ready to officially join at this time. Material presented will cover the history, beliefs, and organization of the United Methodist denomination, as well as information about our own congregation. Most importantly, we will try to answer any questions you have. Please speak with Pastor Sherri if you would like to know more.
Lenten Worship Series
The River Valley Ministerial Association will sponsor community worship services during the upcoming Lenten season. The theme this year is “Christ in the Strangest Places: Foreshadowed, Fulfilled, Forever.” This special series explores some of the lesser-known and stranger people, places and things through which God revealed himself to his people in the Old Testament.
Mine!” is the first service, which will be held on Ash Wednesday, March 9, here at our church, with a soup supper at 6:30 p.m. followed by worship at 7:15 p.m. This same schedule will be followed for the next five Thursday evenings at these locations: March 17, “Nothing” at The Gathering, RCA (301 North Elm Street, Three Oaks); March 24, “Marked” at First Congregational Church (108 East Ash Street, Three Oaks); March 31, “Enlist” at Three Oaks Free Methodist Church (12 East Michigan Street, Three Oaks); April 7, “Invest” at Lakeside United Methodist Church (corner of Red Arrow Highway and Lakeside Road, Lakeside); and April 14, “Finish” at Sawyer Christian United Church of Christ (corner of Sawyer Road and Flynn Road, Sawyer).
Two additional Holy Week services will round out the series. These will not include meals and will be held as follows: April 21, Maundy Thursday, “Christ the Passover Lamb of God” at St. John Congregation of Three Oaks (12 West Ash Street, Three Oaks), 7:00 p.m.; April 22 Good Friday, at Harbert Community Church (corner of Three Oaks Road and Harbert Road), 7:00 p.m. Plan now to worship with your friends and neighbors.
 Delizioso! An Italian Meal
The Fellowship Committee will be hosting an Italian meal after church on March 6. We will be serving lasagna, salad and garlic bread with dessert to follow. We hope you will plan to attend. There is no cost, but donations will be received.
The Fellowship Committee
Sisters in Faith,
Thanks for thinking of me while I’m away at school. I appreciate getting the care packages.
God Bless,
Steve Petro
Dear Sisters in Faith,
Thank you all so much for the care package! It is always a treat to get some goodies in the mail. J
Thanks again and God Bless!!!
Kelsey Jakeway
Change Your Clocks!
Daylight Saving Time
Begins Sunday, March 13. 
Don’t forget to “spring” ahead one hour.
. . . Ron Petro for constructing a very nice tech booth for those who are running our sound and video systems on Sunday morning.
Valentine Tea Update
Fifty-four ladies had a wonderful time last month at our Valentine Tea. Thank you to “The Mad Scrapper,” Rhonda Petro for helping us create two lovely cards, and thank you to Jeff Comfort for sharing with us his great musical talent in song.
Sisters in Faith
Our next meeting will be Wednesday, March 16, at 7:00 p.m. Joanie Davidson and Nancy Davis will bring refreshments. We will watch the first half of the movie “Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible” with Liz Curtis Higgs. All women of the church are invited to join us.
For your future planning we also set the following dates: Dinner Out on Tuesday, March 22; April meeting one week earlier on Wednesday, the 13th instead of the 20th to avoid Holy Week; and the Mother-Daughter Banquet on Monday, May 2. More information will be forthcoming about all these events.
Church Camp
Church camp brochures are available now online and in the narthex. It’s not too early to sign up! Information is available at: . 
Bishop’s Day 2011
Our Kalamazoo District together with the Albion District present Bishop’s Day for Evangelism on Saturday, March 12, 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Battle Creek First United Methodist Church. The keynote speakers are from the “United Methodist Church for All People (C4AP)”, home of the “Free Store” and amazing community outreach. They were featured speakers at Annual Conference. Their website is
Registration is limited to the first 500 people.
You may register online at
Dinner Out
All the women of our church are invited to our annual Dinner Out. This year we are planning to meet on Tuesday, March 22, at 6:00 p.m. at the Red Arrow Roadhouse. Please sign up in the narthex so we know how many to tell the restaurant to expect.
Youth Center
A new community Youth Center is open at St. John Congregation Parish Hall (10 West Linden Street) on Wednesdays from 2:45 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Kids can come after school to socialize with friends and play a variety of games with adult supervision. For more information or if you have questions call Pastor Mark Keel at (269) 612-7236.
Vacation Bible School
The dates have been set for our community Vacation Bible School this summer: June 20-24. We will be following the theme “Panda Mania: Where God Is Wild About You!” Each day’s lesson focuses on a portion of Psalm 139.
Many volunteers are needed. Please consider being a volunteer. If you need more information, speak with Pastor Sherri.
Historical Corner
Submitted by Eleanor Desmond
From the The Acorn, 1911:
Inasmuch as the Rev. H. J. Root, pastor of the ME church in Three Oaks has been and is at the present seriously ill, we the members of the Congregational Church and the congregation now assembled on this 23rd day of April, 1911 desire to tender Brother Root, his family, and his church our loving sympathy in this hour of affliction.
We also hope and earnestly pray that our heavenly father who doeth all things well will restore his faithful servant to his usual health and that he may again be permitted to minister to his people as in former days.
The resolution further invited the ME church to unite with the Congregational Church in the Sunday morning services during Mr. Root’s illness but other arrangements had already been made by the District Superintendent for the church, so it was compelled to decline the invitation.
William F. Putman of Niles preached on Sunday, April 30.
P.E.T. Update
In addition to the regular P.E.T. production in 2010, several of the United States P.E.T. affiliates and parts makers worked from spring to fall putting together a shipment of P.E.T. parts for New Life Center in Zambia, Africa, operated by missionaries Delbert & Sandy Groves
The project consisted of making all metal parts (cut and machined) for the P.E.T. front end assembly and the metal trailer undercarriage parts - these were coupled with 1,500 wheels and tires, 30 (100 ft.) rolls of drive chain and 1,000 master links, 1,000 sprockets, 8,000 bearings, 1000 plastic and wood handles, seat building materials, etc., and 178,000 pieces of fastening hardware such as bolts, nuts, washer, wood screws, etc. . . to make 500 P.E.T.s. The metal for the P.E.T. trailer frames alone weighed 6,500 lbs.  A little over 3,500 of the metal front end parts were made by our Galien parts makers.  
The project also included raising the funds for the purchased parts plus part of the shipping costs. Affiliates and parts makers were responsible for raising their own additional funds for the metal parts they each made.  The P.E.T. shop at Zambia will now make all the wood body parts, paint and assemble the P.E.T.s and distribute them.  The parts for the 500 P.E.T.s were sent in one 40 ft. overseas shipping container and still had a little room for other items. If the 500 P.E.T.s were shipped sub-assembled with their wood bodies and boxed, they would have needed 2½ containers, increasing the costs for both the P.E.T.s and the shipping.
This area of Africa is where the P.E.T. Project began and several thousand P.E.T.s have already been distributed in Zambia and D.R. Congo.  The P.E.T. works great in this environment and the need continues to be extremely great.  
Thank you for your prayers and support, 
God Bless,
Ray Truhn 
Lenten Breakfast
The women of Water’s Edge United Methodist Church of New Buffalo invite the members and friends of our congregation to their annual Lenten Breakfast on Ash Wednesday, March 9, at 10:30 a.m.  The church is located at 24 South Whittaker Street.
The Lenten season is beginning on Wednesday, March 9, and we will be hosting the Ash Wednesday Soup and Service. There are sign-up sheets in the narthex if you would like to bring a crock-pot of soup or some dessert or donate funds for bread, crackers, etc. . . The remaining soup and service suppers will be on Thursdays in participating churches.  Check the bulletins for that information.
Please Note
Please turn in all submissions for next month’s Parish Post newsletter by Sunday, March 20.
March Anniversaries 
14 Adam & Amy Hinman
18 Jerry & Barbara Peters
27 Perry & Bonnie Pickens
29 Chuck & Marlyn Williams
March Birthdays
   1 Danielle Birochak
      Dan Henrich
      David Springer
      Macey Springer
   4 Kris Goodenough
   6 Sharon Flick
      Troy Robertson
   9 Deb Barbour
11 Dorothy Brayboy
      Kaitlin Goodenough
      Tecla Kaiser (90!)
 14 Steven Petro
 17 Becky Glidden
      Tom Martin
      Morgan Weers
 18 George Frye
 21 George Koebel
 24 Dawn Hayes
 25 Jacob Barbour
      Sally Preece
 29 Erwin Klug
      Ellen Sokolowski
 31 Josh Ackerman
      Jim Ireland
Sunday Services
March 6
“Who Is Your Hero?”
Matthew 1:1-13
Transfiguration Sunday
March 13
“Jesus’ Temptation and Ours”
Matthew 4:1-11
First Sunday in Lent
March 20
“Nic at Night”
John 3:1-17
Second Sunday in Lent
March 27
“Living Water for a Thirsty Soul”
John 4:5-42
Third Sunday in Lent